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Welcome to my photography portfolio! I am thrilled to share my passion of photography with the world. My primary focus is landscape and nature photography, but have been known to dabble in portraiture, corporate and event photography, and photojournalism. 


Some people know me as 'that guy with the nice camera,' which is a fair statement. My camera is usually in my hand or bag most times I am out of the house. I see it as a tool to start a conversation or to prompt someone to slow down and appreciate the raw power and beauty of the world around them. 


Photography has pushed me to explore new places, take chances, and reconnect with friends. For most people, their ideal Friday night is spent out on the town or curled up on the couch. For me, I'd rather be out under the stars fiddling with my camera settings, trying to capture the northern lights. 


On this website, you'll find a curated collection of my proudest photographic work. These images each tell a story, some longer than others, and each means something to me. 


One of the highest compliments I can receive is someone hanging one of my prints on their wall. A small selection of photos is available to purchase as prints through my online store. More images will be added when the time is right. 


Want to talk more? Collaborate or commission a piece? Feel free to contact me.  


I look forward to hearing from you!

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