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Santa Andrew

Santa Andrew is now accepting bookings for 2021 visits!

Each visit is booked for approximately 10 minutes. A $15 sitting fee is required upon booking.

Visits are available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8 pm PST and Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 2 pm PST.


Visits begin on December 11, 2021 and end on December 23, 2021. 

Photo on 2020-12-05 at 4.32 PM.jpeg

Santa Andrew has read and recorded a few Christmas stories. Click the link below to view the video gallery. More videos may be added throughout the Christmas season.


Who is Santa?

As you can appreciate, Santa is very busy during the month of December, so he enlists a number of helpers to ensure every child has an opportunity to make their Christmas wish. Santa Andrew is a qualified Santa Helper. Santa Andrew has been in this role for the past five years.

Who is Z. Dallas Photography?

Z. Dallas Photography has donated the use of his website, booking, and payment systems to help Santa Andrew seamlessly facilitate his virtual visits. Receipts and credit card statements for visits with Santa Andrew will show Z. Dallas Photography.

Where does the money go?

There is a small cost to run and maintain virtual visits. All funds beyond those costs will be donated to BC Children's Hospital. In 2020 Santa Andrew was able to make a $300 donation to BCCH.

My family or group is unable to afford a visit with Santa, what can we do?

Santa Andrew wants all youth to have the opportunity to have a visit with Santa this Christmas season. For families or Scouting/Guiding groups who are unable to afford the $15 session fee, they can use the promo code "Christmas" when booking. No questions asked. 

Can I book more time?

Santa Andrew anticipates being very busy throughout December, and unfortunately cannot accommodate more than one consecutive booking session per family or group. 

How do the visits work?

After selecting your day and time and completing payment, you will be emailed a Zoom meeting link. Log into this link no more than five minutes prior to your booking time. Santa Andrew will begin the call at the designated time for your visit.  

Our group is meeting on a different day or time than what is available. Is there a way to still visit with Santa?

Absolutely! Use the contact form below and provide a few options for days and/or times, and Santa Andrew will do his best to accommodate your group. 

Can Santa Andrew join our own Scouting or Guiding Zoom meeting?

Yes. After arranging a meeting time with your group, you can provide him with your Zoom meeting details. 

How long will Santa Andrew visit with a Scouting or Guiding group?

Due to the larger number of youth, Santa Andrew will visit with your Scouting or Guiding group for up to fifteen (15) minutes. 

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