Frame outside dimensions: 15 ¾" x 12 ½"

Image size: 8" x 10"


I am moving to a new home and will be reimagining what prints I have showcased on my walls. Rather than packing all of my current prints, I thought I'd offer a once-in-a-blue-moon sale! On my website's store page, you'll find a list of various size framed and canvas prints I've made over the last several years.


The Details

  • There is only ONE of each print! 
  • The prints will be sold 'as is.'
  • Shipping is a flat-rate $10 CAD for all prints in the Moving Sale category.
  • All photos of the same size/material will be the same price. 
  • No accompanying details will be sent with the print at the time of sale. You can send me an email and I will send you some info about the print when I am settled in my new home. 
  • All items in the Moving Sale category are final sale- no returns or exchanges! 
  • If you missed out on a particular print and are really bummed out, send me an email and I might be able to give you a deal on a print in a few weeks. 

Framed "Frozen Ducks"

    (c) 2020 Z. Dallas Photography