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Out in Public for the First Time

Well, after many years of thinking about it, it has finally happened. Last weekend I hung three of my prints in a local coffee shop.

Ritual Coffee Bar in downtown Prince George put a call out last month looking for local artists to feature their work for a two-month-long feature. A good friend sent me the post, and in a moment of "what the heck," I added a comment saying I am interested. Less than five minutes later (probably more, but it sure felt quick) I was signed up. Now I had to choose my three showcase images. It took a few weeks of mulling it over, but I'm very happy with my choices!

Then came the day: hanging day. Fitting for Halloween day. The task was daunting, to say the least. I had only been in Ritual once or twice before. I didn't really remember their walls- who pays attention to empty wall space anyway? Thoughts raced through my head, "what if the frames I bought are too big for the section of wall?" "How am I going to hang the frames?" Turns out the wall space was perfect for my three frames, and hanging them was fairly quick and easy.

Right away a coffee shop customer was chatting with me, curious about the images. It was fantastic talking to a complete stranger about my work and having a positive response. Chatting to my friends and loved ones is one thing, but to have a complete stranger discuss my work is another wonderful thing!

Accompanying each print is a short description of the piece and some tech specs for those who care. Writing these was a task in itself. Good thing I have a communications degree...

One absolutely wonderful thing about showcasing my work at Ritual is all my prints there are for sale. I have the three framed prints, plus a handful of unframed prints available for café-goers to peruse. I've priced them fairly reasonable, so if you want good deals, head over to Ritual!

Side note- if you do purchase one of the three framed prints, you'll receive it in early January. They're part of an art show after all! The unframed prints can go home with you right away.

So, now my work hangs in a coffee shop in Prince George. Five years ago I could never have imagined this to be even a thing. The support I have received from family, friends, and complete strangers (and those halfway between,) has been absolutely outstanding. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, purchased prints, listened to my sometimes obsessive rambling about a particular image, or accompanied me patiently on a photography adventure.

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